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starseeker - Experience 2016

Report from a great demoscene party in Budapest: Experience '16. The following intro was placed 3rd at the intro competition (download here).

greetings all

Every year Function is the biggest demoscene party in Hungary! It was the same this year as well :) Check this 4kbyte intro specially made for this event!

NeoGP sponsorship

Midgames is proud to announce NeoGP sponsorship cooperation with the web game publisher Funtomic. Funtomic operates kizi, one of the most popular gaming sites worldwide with over 20 million monthly gamers. Check NeoGP at kizi game site! In addition the official walkthrough video has been also released here!

NeoGP - released

After a long development cycle, futuristic racing game NeoGP is finally released! Players can choose from five race cars with five upgrade possibilities and sixteen tracks to complete! Enter the race of the future now!

4 seasons of 4k - qbparty 2016

There was a great demoscene party last weekend: qbparty 2016! Here is a 4k intro ranked 2nd in the competition. Enjoy!

Truck minigame

Check out the latest minigame presented on the site! Your mission is to control a truck on a mountainous road using realistic physics. The game uses the latest HTML5 technology, therefore it can be played on any device: desktop, tabler or mobile! Check out the minigame here!

geared - Experience 2015

Check out the winner 4k intro from the last weekend demoscene meeting Experience 2015! Here is the executable!
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