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demojoe - behind the scenes

If you are interested about demojoe intro creation, there is an article about behind the scenes. The article is in Hungarian language (here), but you can use translation to check the English version as well. Happy intro creation ;)

demojoe the superhero

Demojoe is back! Joe this time puts on his superhero costume and faces against all threats to save his beloved city :) Watch the 4kbyte anim presented last weekend, or check the executable version here :)

last walk - 4k intro

Check with 4k intro from last demoscene party from Hungary: Function 2020. In space no one can hear your scream :) Real-time version is here!


4K procedural gfx from last weekend demoparty @party 2020. This time it was a virtual party, but there were plenty of good entries :) Check out the executable version as well here!

demojoe goes to mars

Adventures of demojoe continue! This time joe goes into space and visits planet Mars. Of course real-time version is the best, check here :)

treasury - 4k intro

Here is our intro for last week's demoscene party: Function 2019. Beware of the dragon :) You can check the exetuable here.


Winner intro from last weekend demoscene event: flashback 2019; Sydney - Australia! If you want to check the intro real time, donwload the exetuable from here.
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